Trekking 4 Troops Mental Health Charity

What we do

We have 3 AIMS

  • Provide escapism for clients to talk whilst on a trek.
  • Bring awareness to Mental Health
  • Create opportunities for groups to come on organised treks within the UK and Aboard.


How do we aim to help?

Quite simply we go for a walk, long or short, with friends family and anyone who wants to come alongand walk with us to support mental health.

We Provide Escapism
Mental Health Couselling
Raising Money through events for Mental Health


We provide escapism to serving personnel, veterans and bereaving families to help them explore mental health issues or struggles, through trekking in comfortable outdoor environments. During my treks I have found that people open and feel a different connection to others when they are walking. So, my aim is to become a qualified counsellor and help people explore their difficulties through trekking.

Mental Health Counselling

We give up to date information to the right people about mental health and counselling models.  This is to educate people on getting past not talking.  We want to help by engaging with phase 1 and 2 training regiments, our local communities and other 3 rd party charities.

We also run Escapism weeks 3-4 times a year all over the country 

Corporate Events

We aim to raise monies and awareness of the charity. This will be things like trekking in the UK and Abroad.

Examples of this are recent events like a 24hr running event in London and upcoming escapism challenges.

Merchandise Shop

To help support our charity we have an online shop where we sell merchandise where we put 100% of the profit back into the charity to support our walks and training.

Charity Shop

Our Founder

Ian Haberfield I was in the Army for 8 years serving in the Army Air Corps, doing 2 operation tours.

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